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Starter Site for Component-Based Site Building

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Create a new site based off Provus

The following are steps to create a new site off of Provus.

Base Setup

  1. Clone Provus
  2. Remove .git folder rm -rf .git
  3. Add new git remote git init; git add -A .; git commit -m "Initial commit"; git remote add origin [git url]

Update to use “docroot” if desired

Out of the box Provus compiles to web. There are several places to change between “web” and “docroot” if you want to use “docroot.”

  1. Update .composer.json
  2. Update .docksal/docksal.env
  3. Update tests/behat/behat.yml

Update the theme

The following steps will copy/paste the existing Provus theme to a new theme for the site and update the necessayr config files:

  1. Ensure THEME_NAME is updated in .docksal/docksal.env
  2. Ensure “web” directory does not exist locally (rm -rf web)
  3. Run fin new-site
  4. Run fin init-site