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Starter Site for Component-Based Site Building

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Installation & Setup

Install Docksal.

Once you’ve setup docker run:

fin init

This will install the database and get you all ready to roll.

Setup git remote

Add your remote git project from Pantheon or Acquia as git remote add deploy [remote-git-url].

Add Terminus Settings

For Pantheon projects add your pantheon token as SECRET_TERMINUS_TOKEN= to ./docsal/docksal-local.env and restart docksal (fin restart) to use Terminus.

Docksal Commands

Provus uses Docksal for local development and in the CI. In additon to basic commands we also include:

Custom commands:
  behat                    	Test behat
  build-artifacts          	Builds sites files. 
  build-theme              	Builds theme dist files. Not currently necessary 
  deploy                   	Deploy to dev branch 
  drupal-coreupdate        	Updates Drupal Core when in TravisCI cron or from local.
  init                     	Initialize stack and site (full reset)
  init-site                	Initialize/reinstall site
  pa11y                    	Test pa11y 
  php-cbf                  	Runs PHPCBF on modules 
  php-cs                   	Runs PHPCS on modules 
  phpunit                  	Runs PHPUnit tests found in custom code
  site-mode                	Site site mode 
  storybook                	Run storybook tool locally 
  storybook-deploy         	Deploy storybook by pushing to "storybook" branch. 
  test                     	Test site installation
  test-content             	Imports test content 
  theme-lint               	lint theme js


This repo includes bethat, phpunit, pa11y, and cypress tests and docksal commands:


This repository includes a theme that uses Emulsify. See the Emulsify docs for more info.

Compiling Theme Updates

  1. Edit scss or js files.
  2. Run fin build-theme to compile sass files

To “watch” the files update in real-time run storybook command below.


Run Locally

To run Storybook fin storybook and click on the local network link:


Getting Updates

After a site is properly setup to run with Acquia, Pantheon, or other hosting service, run the following commands to get updates.

Start Over

fin init or fin init-site (the same as the former but doesn’t rebuild the containers) to start from an installed or recently updated state.

Database updates

fin pull db to get a most recent database update.

Files updates

fin pull files to get an updated files directory from the host.


The command fin build-artifacts prepares the site for deployment. The commands fin deploy is set to push a built artifact when a tag or the develop branch is built from. By default fin deploy is run in TravisCI to push updates to the develop branch or when a new tag is pushed.


To push work to the Pantheon Dev environment from local, assuming you are on branch release-v1.2.3 and want to push it to Pantheon Dev:

git push deploy release-v1.2.3:master

Note – With Pantheon, you can only push code from local to Dev via the “master” branch in Pantheon’s repo; pushing from Dev to Staging and from Staging to Prod must be done via the Pantheon UI.


To push work to Acquia from local, just push the desired release name:

git push deploy release-v1.2.3